Natural Skills and Acquired Skills – Why You Shouldn’t Do It All Just Because You Can

Out of the Human Potential movement came the idea that people can do anything they want if they just put their minds and efforts into it.

Unfortunately, this has lead to the idea that if you can do anything then you should be able to do everything. As a result we often take on too much, frequently in areas where we don’t have natural skills or talents.

Lynda-Ross Vega

Lynda-Ross Vega

There are things you do better than other people; these skills and talents are what you do naturally.  Your joy, satisfaction, and meaning in life come as the result of opportunities to do these things.  The more you focus on activities that draw on these skills and talents, the better you will perform and the more success you’ll have in life.

There are also things you’ve learned to do but that don’t make use of your natural skill set. Even though you may do these acquired skills at a reasonable or even expert level, they tend to require greater effort and usually don’t bring the same rewards.

Even more to the point, the very tasks that are not your strengths come easily and naturally to others.

So, you need to dance to your music and let others dance to theirs.

Your steps will be truer and your expression more joyful when you delegate to others those things they do best while you discover and concentrate on doing what comes naturally to you.


One way to start is to take a look at what you do that wears you out.

  • What tasks do your dread or put off?
  • What tasks provide only a small sense of satisfaction and drain your energy?

Ask yourself who you know who does these things easily and seemingly without effort. If you don’t know anyone who fits this description, maybe its time to find someone who does! Then both of you can dance to your own music with confidence and style.

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