The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

December is a shopping frenzy for a lot of folks.

It’s the season of giving gifts and the shopping can be a lot of fun or a lot of stress.

Great gift ideas make you feel excited.  It’s fun to anticipate the reaction of the person you’re giving the gift to.

Lynda-Ross Vega

Lynda-Ross Vega

But wondering what the heck to get the


relatives you only see once a year or the extra picky member of your family can stress you out – big time.

Several years ago I decided to do my best to eliminate the stress that crept up on me each holiday season. I began purchasing gifts all through the year.  Something catches my eye as a great idea for someone, I purchase it right then, and put it in the “gift closet” at home.

When birthdays and the holidays roll around, I check the “gift closet”.  Most of the time the right gift is just sitting there waiting to be wrapped.

The “gift closet” approach has practical aspects – spreading the expense of gift buying across several months and minimizing last minute shopping – and it’s fun for me because I get to do a little “retail therapy” each month.

The “gift closet” is a gift I gave myself.   It capitalizes on some of my natural strengths as a person with the Vision Perceptual Style.  It supports my ability to see gift ideas popping up everywhere, it supports the way I enjoy looking to future events with anticipation, and it satisfies my need to take action when opportunities present themselves.

Let me ask you a question – have you incorporated your natural skills and talents into all that you do?   Capitalizing on your natural strengths is the best gift you can give yourself.

Maybe it’s time to discover the many things you do naturally well and the potential you have to excel at many others!

In this season of giving, in the midst of planning and purchasing gifts for others, give yourself the gift of claiming Your Talent Advantage® – your own unique expression of your natural gifts.

That’s just what our Get Started program is all about.  It’s the gift you deserve.

To find out more about the services we have available to help you find the success you want and deserve go to

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1 Response to The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

  1. Paula says:

    My mom used to this…and then she’d forget where she’d hidden or stored some of the gifts! Bob and I used to do more of this when I was on the craft show circuit…it was easy to find ideas and special gifts then.

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